west coast

Alicia & David - Fraser River Lodge

The sky was blue, smiles were bright, and laughter was loud at Alicia and David’s charming outdoor wedding this May. Just an hour away from Vancouver—the Fraser River Lodge was a quaint but gorgeous location to celebrate the marriage of Alicia and David. Surrounded by lavender and wood accents, we loved how endearing and lighthearted their wedding and reception were. The wedding was the perfect combination of the natural, rustic, and classic beauty that comes with being outdoors and listening to their heartfelt and unique vows amidst the snowy mountains and long grasses, we couldn’t imagine a better location to capture their special day. 

Alicia and David, your love for each other shone throughout each of our meetings, and was exemplified on your wedding day. Your sweetheart of a flower girl, love-filled family members, and bubble blowing guests were a testament to the love we see in you; like your sisters speech, Alicia, we very much agree that in this instance mister before sister will have to be tolerable. You two have something special and we couldn’t be happier for you.

Alicia and David, you two were a pleasure to work with and we wish you all the best in your future together!