Natasha & Noah

Natasha & Noah,

When we film a wedding it is quite common for us to get more quality time with the bride and groom than many of the guests who attend the wedding. In the case of Noah and Natasha this was an honor because they were absolutely lovely, and so much fun, to work with. 

Natasha and Noah got married back in November and while technically not a winter wedding there’s did have the colors, the crisp weather, and the red cups that typically accompany one.  They got married in a little Church called Saint Francis in the Woods, nestled right in the middle of a lush forest.  The venue suited Natasha and Noah perfectly, with their eclectic style and appreciation for nature which were both brought to life during their wedding. Because of this wonderful venue and couple we were able to capture a unique blend in this film: ocean and forest, traditional and hip, full of laughs but romantic.

Don’t miss one of our favourite parts at 2:00: the first look. Noah and Natasha, your love for each other is radiant and we were so honoured to be a part of your special day—thank you so much for including us and we wish you all the best!