Kevan & Kylie Ramdin

Anyone who knows our wonderful friends, Kevan and Kylie Ramdin, will know that the day of their wedding couldn’t have been anything short of amazing. Sure enough, it  was a day  filled with deep, pure love and smiles that never gave up. 

Kevan and Kylie are quality people; Kevan is a man of integrity and Kylie never lacks kindness and patience.  Together they are a couple that bring humour, great conversation, and genuine friendship into any and every interaction.

They are also a couple of sweet romantics. From the surprise engagement in Paris to a wedding ceremony at The Permanent, the love, honour and respect Kevan and Kylie hold for each other is obvious to everyone present in their lives.

We have appreciated the friendship of these two for as long as we can remember - so this wedding was close to our hearts. In fact, Daniel even took the day off from his videography duties as he had the honour to stand by Kevan as a groomsmen while he and Kylie said their I do’s. 

Kevan and Kylie, we are so happy for you both and are honoured to have made this film of your special day. We will always be wishing the two of you all the best and are cheering you on as you endeavour in this new journey as husband and wife. 

//Big shout out to Lesley Laine Photography - the only thing better than being with friends is working with them too.