Kirstin & Nathan

Although we had never met before, working with Kirstin & Nathan was like working with friends. Their kindness, love for each other, and sense of fun, radiated from our first meeting with them all the way until their first dance. 

Their wedding took place at Pitt Meadows Golf Course, a beautiful venue surrounded by the incredible scenery of BC. One highlight was filming their first look by Pitt Lake and seeing Nathan's reaction to Kirstin in her wedding dress for the first time. With the mountains and water in the background, it was nothing short of breathtaking.

Kirstin & Nathan, what an incredible joy it was to film your wedding. Your love for each other was so evident throughout the wedding day. The way you treat each other, support each other, and talk to each other, all show how pure your love is. We had so much fun filming your wedding day and hope for a beautiful marriage for years to come.

Magdalena & Malez

It was fitting for Mag and Malez, high school sweethearts, to be married in the city they have shared together for so much of their lives. We are so honoured to be able to share their film and love story—it is a true testament to who they both are: charming, fun, and completely in love.

Mag and Malez were married at the Brix restaurant in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Brimming with greenery and accented with white and lavender florals the Brix restaurant was a gorgeous combination of the bustling city along with the lush beauty that accompanies Vancouver. Their wedding was a comfortable and truly beautiful day made complete with a full house and joy-filled smiles.

We are so happy for the two of you, Mag and Malez, and wish you all the best…

Natasha & Noah

Natasha & Noah,

When we film a wedding it is quite common for us to get more quality time with the bride and groom than many of the guests who attend the wedding. In the case of Noah and Natasha this was an honor because they were absolutely lovely, and so much fun, to work with. 

Natasha and Noah got married back in November and while technically not a winter wedding there’s did have the colors, the crisp weather, and the red cups that typically accompany one.  They got married in a little Church called Saint Francis in the Woods, nestled right in the middle of a lush forest.  The venue suited Natasha and Noah perfectly, with their eclectic style and appreciation for nature which were both brought to life during their wedding. Because of this wonderful venue and couple we were able to capture a unique blend in this film: ocean and forest, traditional and hip, full of laughs but romantic.

Don’t miss one of our favourite parts at 2:00: the first look. Noah and Natasha, your love for each other is radiant and we were so honoured to be a part of your special day—thank you so much for including us and we wish you all the best!

Kevan & Kylie Ramdin

Anyone who knows our wonderful friends, Kevan and Kylie Ramdin, will know that the day of their wedding couldn’t have been anything short of amazing. Sure enough, it  was a day  filled with deep, pure love and smiles that never gave up. 

Kevan and Kylie are quality people; Kevan is a man of integrity and Kylie never lacks kindness and patience.  Together they are a couple that bring humour, great conversation, and genuine friendship into any and every interaction.

They are also a couple of sweet romantics. From the surprise engagement in Paris to a wedding ceremony at The Permanent, the love, honour and respect Kevan and Kylie hold for each other is obvious to everyone present in their lives.

We have appreciated the friendship of these two for as long as we can remember - so this wedding was close to our hearts. In fact, Daniel even took the day off from his videography duties as he had the honour to stand by Kevan as a groomsmen while he and Kylie said their I do’s. 

Kevan and Kylie, we are so happy for you both and are honoured to have made this film of your special day. We will always be wishing the two of you all the best and are cheering you on as you endeavour in this new journey as husband and wife. 

//Big shout out to Lesley Laine Photography - the only thing better than being with friends is working with them too.


Nathan & Carissa

We are so happy to be sharing this wedding film in celebration of Nathan and Carissa’s wedding anniversary!

A year ago today we had the privilege of filming a pinterest-worthy wedding in the heart of Fort Langley. Nathan and Carissa were married in Living Waters Church and their prelude of letters to each other followed by beautifully written vows didn’t leave a dry eye in the room. We were lucky enough to miss the rain in the midst of the photo and video shoot and the moody clouds created one of the most naturally unique backdrops we could have asked for.

Now, you may be asking yourselves, how can two such romantic people be such amazing dancers! Don’t be fooled, Nathan and Carissa had the best of both worlds: a beautiful, lovely romance but also heaps of lighthearted fun and crazy dance moves.

Happy Anniversary Nathan and Carissa. Your wedding was one for the books and we hope that each time you watch your wedding film it brings your day back to life.

-Daniel & Lucas

Alicia & David - Fraser River Lodge

The sky was blue, smiles were bright, and laughter was loud at Alicia and David’s charming outdoor wedding this May. Just an hour away from Vancouver—the Fraser River Lodge was a quaint but gorgeous location to celebrate the marriage of Alicia and David. Surrounded by lavender and wood accents, we loved how endearing and lighthearted their wedding and reception were. The wedding was the perfect combination of the natural, rustic, and classic beauty that comes with being outdoors and listening to their heartfelt and unique vows amidst the snowy mountains and long grasses, we couldn’t imagine a better location to capture their special day. 

Alicia and David, your love for each other shone throughout each of our meetings, and was exemplified on your wedding day. Your sweetheart of a flower girl, love-filled family members, and bubble blowing guests were a testament to the love we see in you; like your sisters speech, Alicia, we very much agree that in this instance mister before sister will have to be tolerable. You two have something special and we couldn’t be happier for you.

Alicia and David, you two were a pleasure to work with and we wish you all the best in your future together!

Dave & Jenny

Fun, quirky, unique; those are three words that described Dave & Jenny's amazing wedding day in Vancouver. From our first meeting to delivering the film, Jenny & Dave were so kind and amazing to work with on their film and we're so happy we got to be a part of their wedding day. 

Dave & Jenny, thanks for having us at your wedding day. We're honoured we got to experience a bit of how much you guys truly love each other on your wedding day and we know the best is yet to come in your marriage!

Allison & Edward

From our first meeting at a Pho restaurant to our last delivery meeting, Allison & Edward have been nothing short of the kind and funny couples we love to work with. With a beach front wedding like theirs, we were ecstatic to be able to capture the amazing scenery that complimented so well their perfect wedding day.

Allison & Edward, it was such a pleasure getting to know you and being a part of your big day. We hope for the best in your future and know that your lives will be full of love and laughter as you love each other.

- Daniel & Lucas

Lindsay & Bryce

As soon as Lindsay & Bryce contacted us about filming their wedding, we knew we would be in for a treat. From the transformation of a helicopter hangar to a beautiful wedding venue to flying high onto mountain tops, this day was packed with feelings of romance and adventure. We loved being a part of such a beautiful wedding and we're so happy with how we've crafted this film for them.

Lindsay & Bryce, thank you for including us in your special day. We hope the best for you guys!

- Daniel & Lucas

Photographer: MODE Photography
Venue/Helicopters: SKY Helicopters

Wilson & Marika

It’s been a couple of months since our trip to Hawaii but we are really excited about this film.

Wilson and Marika are good friends of ours. When they said they were getting married in Kona, Hawaii we were ecstatic. Their wedding was picture perfect. A hot sunny day on the beach, what more could you ask for? Their ceremony was an emotional roller coaster. Tears flowing, smiles all around, these two just couldn’t wait to get hitched. We’re so happy for Wilson and Marika and we wish them the best!

Wilson and Marika, thanks so much for letting us experience your special day. Its definitely one we won’t forget!

- Daniel & Lucas


P.S. - Working with friends is always the best. Check out Lesley Laine Photography


Jam & JM

We first met Jam & JM in person only a few weeks before their wedding as they're from Manila, but it only took a few minutes to realize how well we'd click with them. Jam and JM's vibrant personalities, just shone in our engagement film as well as on their wedding day. It was such a pleasure to film such a fun wedding and be a part of their big day.

Jam & JM, thank you for trusting us to capture your wedding day. We've absolutely loved working with you and we hope the best for you guys in Manila!

- Daniel & Lucas

In the Heart of Vancouver: Mark & Wai Yan's Wedding

On March 21, we joined Mark and Wai Yan in the heart of beautiful downtown Vancouver for their wedding at Coastal Church. Although the rain persisted on having an invite to the wedding, smiles shone bright and the entire day was full of warmth and radiated joy. It was especially lovely to witness the couple’s first dance outside on the patio during their reception that was constantly buzzing with laughter and good times.

Mark and Wai Yan, thank you again for letting us be a part of your emotional and sparkling day. We wish you all the best in your future. 

- Daniel & Lucas 

Special thanks to Josh Yong for being fantastic to work with on this dazzling wedding day. Check him out at

A Fairy Tale Love Story: Carly & Austin's Wedding

When we first met Carly & Austin, we knew that they were going to have an amazing wedding. Their energetic and quirky personalities were so vibrant that we knew it would be evident in how their wedding came together. Sure enough, their wedding was full of energy, emotions, and fun!

Carly & Austin, we had such a good time getting to know you guys and being able to put together your wedding film! We hope that your lives continue to be as fun and quirky as you two are!

Lloyd & Emily's Winter Wedding

We absolutely loved filming Lloyd & Emily's wedding this past December. Despite the rainy day, everything seemed to come together to make for some beautiful moments. Definitely one of the most beautiful winter weddings we've gotten to film, it was a pleasure working with such a lovely couple.

Lloyd & Emily, thank you for having us capture your wedding day! We're honoured that we got to be a part of your big day and hope for the best in the future!

- Daniel & Lucas

Going Airborne with Justin & Juliette

This was quite an eventful day! Cows, helicopters, and some of the funniest, rowdiest, groomsmen we've ever met. Originally when we were booked for Justin & Juliette's wedding, we had no idea what we were in for. When we met with them just a couple days before the wedding, they mentioned the possibility of a helicopter ride to do the photoshoot if the weather conditions were good. To say the least, we were praying hard for good weather.

The day finally came, and everything was perfect! Although it had been raining all week, the skies cleared up and the rain stopped. Everything about this day just seemed so seamless, and working with Justin & Juliette was such a pleasure.

Justin & Juliette, thank you again for having us at your wedding! We truly had an unforgettable experience and we hope for the best in your marriage! :)

- Daniel & Lucas

Jay & Olivia's Surprise Wedding!

By far one of the most unique weddings we've ever filmed, Jay & Olivia's wedding was a blast to film! When Olivia first emailed us about her unique wedding, we knew that we had to capture it... and we're so glad we did. To give you some context, Jay & Olivia got engaged only a few weeks before their actual wedding day and invited all of their friends and family to their "engagement party". Little did they know, this engagement party was actually a surprise wedding! The reactions were priceless when people found out!

Jay & Olivia, we hope you enjoy this film as much as we enjoyed creating it! All the best to your many years together :)


- Daniel & Lucas