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Your relationship has a beautiful story. Your wedding film should too.


About Us

Before you commit to having us at your wedding day capturing every moment, it's probably best that you get to know us a little bit. So hi, we're Us to You Wedding Films, or Daniel and Lucas. We're both former film students, current filmmakers, and forever film lovers. Here's a little bit about each of us.


Daniel Roe


Hey! My name is Daniel. I love Apple products, good coffee, and Instagram. My favourite movies include Shawshank Redemption, Memento, and pretty much anything by Pixar.


Lucas Maciuk

Creative director

I'm Lucas. I'm married and own two dogs, Bruce & Chuck. I like running, skateboarding, and napping. My favourite movies are Space Jam and Interstellar.


Our Work

Here are a couple of stories that we're proud to have told.

Watch more of our films on our blog!


Your wedding day can go by so quick and it's so easy to forget the emotions and the feelings you had while going through the day. We want to give you a chance to relive that day by capturing the story of your wedding. Sure, beautiful cinematography is included, but what's more important to us is that we capture your story and present it through beautiful filmmaking.

Short Film

3-5 minute Short Film

10 hours of coverage ($200 for every extra hour)

2-3 Cinematographers

16GB Flash Drive with Short Film

Raw/Unedited Footage


The Short Film package is perfect if you’re just wanting a video that you can share easily with family and friends that captures the emotion and main moments of your wedding day.

Feature Film

3-5 minute Short Film

10-15 minute Feature Film

10 hours of coverage ($200 for every extra hour)

2-3 Cinematographers

16GB Flash Drive with Short Film + Feature Film

Raw/Unedited Footage


The Feature Film package is our most popular package and is perfect if you’re wanting to have a feature-length wedding film, beautifully edited to capture the story and emotions of your wedding day.  It also includes the short film which will be perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Documentary Add-On

45-90 minute Documentary Film

+ $800

The Documentary Film captures and puts together your entire wedding day including ceremony & speeches. It's perfect if you're wanting to have a full-length edited version of your wedding film. Add this on to any of the other two packages.

We also do engagement shoots! Contact us below for more details!

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Unfortunately we are fully booked for 2019 weddings. If you’ve got any questions or are inquiring about 2020 weddings, please let us know below!

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